10 Best Online Clothing Stores With Cash On Delivery

10 Best Online Clothing Stores With Cash On Delivery


Many internet users are looking for cash on delivery purchases, at Ruubay Business we have prepared a list of the best online clothing stores with cash on delivery for you. Cash on delivery allows you to pay for the order at the time it is delivered to your home., hot we explain everything you need to find online clothing stores with cash on delivery, without further delay let's start.

Best online clothing stores with cash on delivery - Updated Guide 2022

Many users who buy online do not trust their purchases and that is why we have prepared a list of the best online clothing stores with cash on delivery in 2022.

Online clothing stores with cash on delivery

1- Pimkie

It is an online clothing store for women. The objective of pimkie is to listen to you and offer you garments adapted to trends. ... Then it's your turn: they let you play with fashion and create the look you like the most by selecting your favorite clothes among those that are offered. For  Pimkie , fashion is fun and edgy, as it is for her female buyers. And best of all, it has the cash on delivery payment.

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2- Urban Stock

Outlet of clothes and accessories of urban aesthetics of main brands in a large warehouse with an industrial air. Wear the best brands and pay cash on delivery in this online store. In this online store you will find up to 70% discount on their products, and deliveries from 24 to 48 hours.

3- El Corte Inglés

If in this online store known by millions of users they also give you the option of cash on delivery, El Corte Inglés gives you this method of purchase for those buyers who do not trust paying before buying their product.

4- Zalando

The online clothing store known by many young people in Spain, also has the option of cash on delivery, in this online store you can find recognized brands, great discounts on your purchases and much more...

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5- Bershka

In this online store you can find fashion for women and men and children's clothing and great deals on clothing, to pay cash on delivery it is very simple follow these steps:

  • Go to Bershka.com and place your order.
  • Select the shipping method collect in store.
  • Select in which store you will pick up your order.
  • Choose the cash on delivery payment method.
  • Go to the store, pay at the register and collect your order.

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6- Kiabi

Kiabi is an online store of children's clothing and women's clothing with great offers and discounts. The cash on delivery payment is quite simple:

  • Enter the website and place your order online.
  • Select type of cash on delivery payment. It has an additional cost of €2.99
  • Pick up the order in store or at home. Remember that you can only pay in cash.

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7- Street 21 Deluxe

In this online store you have many categories of clothing and accessories for women, they have discounts on clothing all year round and they give you the cash on delivery payment service.

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8- Sweetpoison

Cheap party dresses, bandage dresses, modern women's and men's clothing at very competitive prices. A great offer on dresses, accessories and footwear and you can pay cash on delivery on all their products.

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9- Myashop

In this online clothing store you can buy fashion for women and men with great discounts and offers.

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10- Deportes Halcon

In this online store you can buy cash on delivery sports equipment with a wide variety. They are also specialists, especially in footwear, they also work with clothing and accessories. You can find a multitude of brands and items for paddle tennis, tennis, running, soccer, basketball, among other sports, as they are a multi-sport and multi-brand store.

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Frequent questions

Does Amazon pay cash on delivery?

The cash on delivery option  is available only for items sold by Amazon.com  . Cash on delivery can be used as a payment method only for orders less than 1,500 Euros. Amazon may charge a fee for orders placed using Cash on Delivery.

How do I set up cash on delivery in Shopify?

Navigate through the Shopify checkout section. Click Settings located in the bottom left corner of the page, then select Payments from the options. Scroll down to Manual Payment Methods and click the dropdown menu, then  select  Cash  on  Delivery (COD)

What is cash on delivery?

Sometimes customers can pay cash for their orders upon delivery  . For placing a Cash on Delivery order, they will collect your Customer's cash payment and that cash amount will be deducted from your next balance transfer.

How do I add cash on delivery charges in WooCommerce?

  1. Go to: WooCommerce > Settings > Payments.
  2. Use the toggle under Enabled to select Cash on Delivery.
  3. Select Configure. You will be taken to the Cash on Delivery settings.
  4. Configure your settings: Enable COD: Enable to use. Disable to turn off. ...
  5. Save Changes.

We have updated this guide for you. If you know more cash on delivery stores you can share it in the comments below.

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